The rules of Caribbean Stud

The Caribbean Stud is a variation of poker in itself. This grand dragon lotto game comes straight from the Caribbean, where it is traditionally played on the yachts of the Jet Set even if it has mainly found refuge in American land casinos. Caribbean Stud also attracts the Internet, where bettors will surely find it on the websites of leading industry operators. It must be said that this variant of poker is accessible to all because it is a game that is easy to master. Besides, don’t bother being a great tactician to try your luck at Caribbean Stud!


In Caribbean Stud, several players are gathered around a table managed by a croupier. The latter uses a deck of fifty-two cards and distributes them progressively to all the players. In Caribbean Stud, players do not compete against each other. They each challenge the dealer in turn.

  • The player places a first bet called Ante.
  • The dealer deals the first five cards to the player. Four of them are placed on the table with the face closed. The fifth card is visible. The dealer also deals five cards, including four faces down and one open face.
  • The player’s goal is to predict if his hand will be greater than that of the dealer.
  • The player has the option of doubling his bet, calling, or giving up as the game continues.
  • If the player’s hand is greater than that of the dealer, the latter wins the round. If the dealer is the strongest, the player loses all of his stakes. If there is a tie, the player’s previous Ante is refunded.

Dealer’s eliminating hand.

When the dealer draws an Ace-King or any other superior combination, it is considered that one cannot validate his hand. The money on the table is then automatically returned to the player. In general, at Caribbean Stud, the money involved is never returned to either party if one of them has drawn a playoff hand.

Home advantage

Online casinos usually take a commission on the player’s winnings. This is called the house advantage. The latter can vary between 2% and 5%, depending on the casino. The player will have to adapt his strategy according to the advantage of the house. A high commission from the casino will compel the bettor to place less risky bets than usual.…

Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy

The three-card poker is perhaps not the most popular game of online casinos, especially as texas hold ’em occupy an important place in the current online poker landscape. However, the simple rules and the fun aspect of the three-card poker make it a promising game, and there is no doubt that it will be more popular in the years to come.

Three Card Poker Card Values

Value of cards:

The value of cards in three-card poker is similar to that of texas hold ’em. In descending order, we will have the Ace as the supreme card, followed by the eternal King, Lady, and Jack. The remaining cards retain their numerical value: thus, the 10 is greater than the 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and finally 2. Note that depending on the combinations, the Ace can be used to complete a fifth or a logical sequence such as As-2-3.

Course of the game

Different stages of the game:

  • The players start by placing a starting bet on the table.
  • The dealer issues three cards to each player, including one face down. It is also distributed three so a hidden side.
  • The players consult their hands.
  • The players fold, place a bet equal to the amount of the initial bet or raise the stakes.
  • Once their decision has been made, the players lay their cards face down.
  • The dealer compares the results. Whoever has the strongest hand wins!

Special bets

In three-card poker, it is possible to place special bets. If a simple initial bet can allow the player to obtain a hand superior to that of the croupier, to make a bet, “Pair or More” will consist of betting on the fact that the hand of the player will comprise a Pair if not better. These special bets will respect the minimum and maximum limits imposed. Payment reports are more attractive for these bets.

Three Card Poker Strategies

  • For greater chances of winning, we advise you to always give up when your hand is less than Queen-6-4.
  • Do not hesitate to increase the bet when you have at least a pair of 6.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient budget. You must adapt your playing tactics according to your financial resources. If your balance is a bit short, don’t take any chances!
  • Note that because of the presence of three cards, it is harder to win in three-card poker than in texas hold ’em, where the dealer deals five cards to the player.

Blackjack Myths and Legends

Most of the time, when you encounter blackjack myths, these will be about what to do or not when playing blackjack. So, it’s important to remember that most of these systems do not work in the long term, and the only two things that have a record of increasing the probability of becoming a successful blackjack player are card counting and basic blackjack strategy.

Avoid being a victim of the myths that have to do with what moves should be carried out and what moves should not be carried out when faced with different situations while playing blackjack. Always trust the basic blackjack strategy. Also, remember that when you play in a real casino or live dealer blackjack, you have the option of card counting, which is not possible when playing software blackjack in online casinos. However, you must be very careful since casinos don’t like card counters and take them out of the game, so if you plan to count cards, you should make sure you are as discreet as possible.

Blackjack Legends

Over the years, many professional blackjack players have become legends with stories of long streaks of good luck with which they have managed to get millions in casino money. Those are the kinds of legends we want to talk about here. We have a special section dedicated to blackjack professionals, where you can read all their incredible stories.

We would like to dedicate this section of blackjack legends to those anonymous legends who have broken into the casino and who have had streaks of good luck in the casino, have won a small fortune, and never returned. They are the kind of legends that older blackjack players relate to the new generation of players who gather around blackjack tables.

The million-dollar hobo

In 1995, a smelly, nasty bum, who became homeless when his wife kicked him out, cashed out his $ 400 state benefits check and went to play blackjack at Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas. He played for a single week in which he made over $ 1.3 million and lost everything.

The player did not use the basic blackjack strategy, but during the first days of the game, he was incredibly lucky until his luck ran out. While playing, he offended everyone who approached him and all the blackjack dealers who dealt him the cards. When he lost everything he had won, the famous Steve Wynn, owner of the Treasure Island, sent the security guards to remove the tramp from the casino.

The Kerry Packer Story

Kerry Packer is an Australian billionaire who, in 1997, beat the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, taking over $ 30 million over several short days. All Las Vegas casinos knew that it was a risk to allow Packer to play in their casinos because they knew that their annual visits to UK casinos affected casino revenue, sometimes in a positive way (when Packer had big losses) and sometimes negatively (when Packer had big profits).

Packer spent a few days at the blackjack and baccarat tables, earning more than $ 30 million, although some say it was more than $ 40 million. The poor casino executives who lured Packer to the MGM Grand Casino were fired because Packer’s earnings negatively affected the casino’s quarterly earnings report.…